What stirs at night at Xigera Camp?

What stirs at night at Xigera Camp 11

So it’s been a busy time at Xigera Camp with the bridge in camp a hive of wildlife activity ranging from lion, leopard, hyaena, genets and scrub hares. Here are a few snaps from the camera trap.

Hippo attacks Crocodile

Hippo attacks Crocodile at Lake Panic

Incredible images by amateur photographer Ken Haley the moment a protective mother hippo lashes out at a crocodile that was just ‘minding its own business’.The crocodile thrashes madly to break free as the hippo wraps her gigantic jaws around the reptile’s body – while her calf watches on just a hundred metres away.The titanic tussle… [Read More]

Luxury Villas open at Bush Lodge

Luxury Suites at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge 1Bush Lodge has long been known as a premier safari destination. Over the years the lodge has been evolving, renewing its exquisite African Style architecture and décor, rebuilding its guest accommodation to remain a magnificent luxury home in the bush. As an extension of the philosophy of providing the ultimate in luxury, Sabi Sabi Game... [Read More]