Lions kill Kudu on Road in Kruger

Lions Kill Kudu on Road in Kruger 4

Amazing Images of the moment two lions brought down a Kudu Bull in the midst of tourists in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.Briton Carolyn Dunford, 23, who is completing an internship at Kruger National Park, South Africa, captured the bloody drama early Friday morning along with wide-eyed nature-lovers. ‘The kudu burst from the bushes and… [Read More]

What stirs at night at Xigera Camp?

What stirs at night at Xigera Camp 11

So it’s been a busy time at Xigera Camp with the bridge in camp a hive of wildlife activity ranging from lion, leopard, hyaena, genets and scrub hares. Here are a few snaps from the camera trap.

Hippo attacks Crocodile

Hippo attacks Crocodile at Lake Panic

Incredible images by amateur photographer Ken Haley the moment a protective mother hippo lashes out at a crocodile that was just ‘minding its own business’.The crocodile thrashes madly to break free as the hippo wraps her gigantic jaws around the reptile’s body – while her calf watches on just a hundred metres away.The titanic tussle… [Read More]